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Beat your test anxiety !

Studying for a test is stressful for most people, but what happens when you have to try and study when you have high anxiety? Studying for an exam can be so difficult with trying to concentrate and keep your mind focused when you have  Test Anxiety. What is Test Anxiety? Test anxiety is a type [...]

What is this Site?

The aim of Swaphr is to bring the best articles and information form around the web to help with everything to do with University and College life – from study tips, to financial information, to ways to survive your freshman year! We save you the time of scouring the internet, by bringing all the good [...]

Skillful Studying Advice


Studying at university often signals coffee, cramming and more coffee. Just opening a text book can induce sleep for some students. But those dreaded revision and study sessions need not be a chore if you can get a handle on some basic skills. Here’s some great general studying advice from the people at

Advice on How to Study for College


With so many things going on around you in college it can be an extremely difficult to achieve an academic and social balance. Here’s a great article from Marc Silver @ that provides you with great advice on how to study efficiently.

College Textbooks


College texbooks are one of the most annoying parts of college. Every semester college students drop hundreds of dollars on overpriced books, that are somtimes never used. Here’s some textbook tips from

Tips on Choosing Housemates While in Uni/College


Before choosing your University/College housemates be sure to take a look over these important tips from the folks at

Time Management Tips for College and University Students


Whether you were an efficient worker or practicing procrastinator in high school, good time management is a key element to a successful college career.Even if you were efficient in high school, college can be overwhelming – there seems to be so much extra time! Here’s some helpful tips from Jane Lee on how to efficiently [...]

Student Finance: Money Matters

Broke Student

Here’s a great article from Dan Brown that provides you with the best ways for students to fund there way a higher education. On average, students come out of higher education with around £17,500 worth of debt, but this need not be as scary as it sounds. By taking the available student loans and grants [...]

5 Questions Every Student Should Ask the Financial Aid Office


Every college and university has its own financial aid office and policies. The aid office is there to assist you and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about aid awards, outside scholarships, work study programs and college costs.

General College/University Tips


Here’s a great article from Christina Giles showing you how to cope with various stresses or the university life. University, in so many ways, is not like school. That’s the point, right? There are no assemblies, no uniforms and no need to ever touch an A-level maths book again

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