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How to beat the Freshman 15

Everyone has heard about the Freshman 15 right? But is it true that many college students pack on 15 pounds during their first year at school? Studies have found that some students defiently not all first year students are likely to gain weight. It may not necessarily be 15 pounds exactly and it may not happen your first year.That [...]

Follow your dreams, Not your parents dreams

When we are little we dream of becoming something special. Whether it is a doctor, nurse, councillor, horse trainer, or simply a banker we have the right to choose our paths in life. So what happens when your parents want you to go to one college and you want to go to another? Parents always [...]

Importance of joining clubs!

Why is joining clubs in college so important? And I’m not talking about going to the local clubs! I am talking about the clubs that will make your resume look amazing when you go to apply for a job! Many people think they are to cool to join any clubs in college. But are you [...]

Managing your money in college


Now that you are off to college, you are worry free right? NO you certainly are not. For us students that don’t have their parents transferring money into our bank accounts every month, we have to be money smart! I have had so many of my friends struggle with money while they were in college and literally had to [...]

College students parents: things to know

Okay okay okay.. What would be more fun going out getting drunk or staying in and studying? Well obviously going out. But is it really? Is this really what college is all about? Don’t get me wrong college is supposed to be the time of your life and you are supposed to have fun but [...]

Sharing Curriculum Openly Online

As educators, we need to STOP locking up all our curriculum content behind logins and passwords. We need to stop following behind our institutions like compliant sheep when our leaders suggest things like, “You should put your entire course in BlackBoard / WebCT / Moodle / etc.” In today’s webinar, I argued that every classroom [...]

How to Teach

If educators want to move away from broadcast models of teaching, the obvious questions arises “how are we supposed to teach and how will students learn?”. One particularly valuable benefit of traditional design and teaching models is the creation of a central platform or cohesive view of knowledge in a particular domain. We need some [...]

Memorizing Tips for Students


When you have a huge test coming up, you might find yourself drowning in facts to memorize. Use these tips from Keren Perles @ to memorize lists of facts easily and quickly.

More Helpful Hints on Studying for Exams


Most students seem to have considerable “test anxiety”, and many talk themselves out of doing well before they even see the exam. If you do this, you will not be able to show what you are really able to accomplish. You need to try to gain some confidence in your own work, and realize that [...]

General Advice for Studying in Medical School


So you have made it to med school and you are thinking, “I can handle this studying thing.” Then, you receive the score for your first anatomy test and you wonder whether law school would have been a better option. Disclaimer: THIS IS NORMAL!

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